Enrollment Information

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Below please find general driver education information. Be sure to read the Nampa Driving Academy Student and Parent Driver Education Information Sheet as well.

General Driver Education Information:

Students must pass an approved driver education class consisting of:

After Your Child Completes Driver's Education

Upon completion of Driver's Education your son/daughter will have the following requirements to fulfill:

Upon completion of at least six (6) months and fifty (50) hours of driving your son/daughter may take the skills test from a licensed third party tester.

Applicants must schedule an appointment with a skills tester. The skills tester will need to review the applicant's original signed SIP.

Applicants who fail the skills test must wait three (3) days before retesting, and fees must be repaid.

After passing the skills test your son/daughter may go to the Drivers License Department and take the written exam to obtain a driver's license.

Additional important information to know:

You must purchase a Student Driver permit from the local Drivers License Department, located off Happy Day Road and Nampa/Caldwell Blvd., at 6107 Graye Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607. Phone: (208) 454-7487. Items needed to obtain student driving permit are:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Social Security Card
  3. School ID Card with picture
  4. Letter of Compliance (this form is obtained from the attendance office of your students school)
  5. Parent ID (example: Driver's License)

Drivers under age 16 are restricted to daylight only driving unless accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age and sitting beside the driver.

Drivers under age 17 are required during the first six (6) months from the date the license was issued to limit the number of passengers in the vehicle who are under age 17 to not more than one passenger, unless the passengers are related to the driver by blood, adoption or marriage.

If a student is 17 or turns 17 while on his/her permit, he/she can go obtain their driver's license without completing the 6 month period.

Any violation of the SIP requirements during the supervised instruction period will result in cancellation of the permit and requires the permit holder to reapply for a new permit. Upon reapplication the permit holder must start and complete the six (6) month supervised instruction period.

Classroom and Driving Etiquette Requirements and Grading Criteria

This course is designed to teach current attitudes for safe driving, proper operation of the automobile, and knowledge of Idaho State driving laws.

Contact Information
Kent and Nina Odom: 461-4200 OR contact us online


All students will be graded in three (3) areas. A letter grade will be given for all assignments and tests. A "B" average is required to pass the classroom and driving segments.

In the classroom and the car

Classroom Participation
All assignments must be completed and turned in.

Behind-the-Well Driving
Demonstrating defensive driving skills and techniques. Students are expected to do their own assignments. Students found copying other students' assignments will be given a "0" (zero) for the day and required to make up all assignments prior to taking the final classroom exam.

Attendance - (required to pass, as mandated by the State of Idaho)
Thirty (30) hours classroom, six (6) hours driving, and six (6) hours observation (in the car). If a class is missed for any unexpected reasons (e.g. sickness, death in the family), please notify the teacher as far in advance as possible. The State Department requires all hours to be made up. One make up class will be offered per session with a fee of $25 (no exception). If the student comes back the following month to make up the time, they can do so free of charge. The permit will not be issued until all time and work is completed. If a driving time is missed a $25 fee will be charged. The driver education permit DOES NOT allow a student to operate a motor vehicle at any time except when accompanied by a certified driver education instructor and in an approved driver education vehicle. Any verified observation of a violation of this rule is an automatic failure and drop from the course.

Dress Code
Since we are in close quarters in the car, please be considerate regarding your personal hygiene. No open-toed shoes will be allowed when driving.

Classroom Etiquette Rules and Policies

Students are expected to conduct themselves with maturity, responsibility and courtesy. These are major components to operating a vehicle and must be displayed both in the classroom and in the car. If problems persist parents will be contacted and the student may be dropped from the course without a refund.

Class and Driving Schedules
Students will be expected to keep calendars and are responsible for knowing and adhering to set drive time schedules. Your attention in the classroom and in the car is critical in passing this course.

Remember: Driving is a privilege, not a right.