Registration and Fees

We accept all students 14 1/2 to 19 yrs of age, whether they attend public school, charter school, private school, or are home schooled. Total tuition fee — $360.00

You must purchase a Student Driver permit from the local Drivers License Department, located off Happy Day Road and Nampa/Caldwell Blvd., at 6107 Graye Lane, Caldwell, ID 83607. The permit fee is $21.50. Phone: (208) 454-7487. Items needed to obtain student driving permit are:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Social Security Card
  3. School ID Card with picture
  4. Letter of Compliance (this form is obtained from the attendance office of your students school)
  5. Parent ID (example: Driver's License)

For additional information on Nampa Driving Academy contact Kent or Nina Odom at 461-4200 or contact us online.


We appreciate your business, thank you for your registration. Once registration is complete you will receive an email receipt from PayPal. This is your conformation that your registration was processed. If you have any questions, please call us. Thank you!

Payment Options
Student's Name
Date of Birth
Parent Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Street Address
Special Instructions / Medical Conditions
After payment, you will be redirected to the Special Instructions page. If your child has any medical conditions or there are days and times they are unable to drive, please fill out the form. You can also call us @ (208) 461-4200. Please leave your child's full name and class they will be attending. Thank you.
Refund Policy
NDA does not issue refunds as part of doing business. Please make sure you have selected the correct class session and that your student is available for drives. You can refer to the Class Schedule page for more information.